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Quality, Honesty and Integrity

Surely Safe, LLC is a Florida-based, safety education and training company that focuses on building extraordinary relationships with our clients. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of satisfaction for all of their safety needs. We specialize in training, job site inspections and certification for OSHA and general industry

A Safe Job Saves You Money
Surely Safe is actively involved in training and overseeing comprehensive safety programs for various companies with on-site inspections and on-site training. We train people how to identify jobsite hazards, and how to get the jobsite ready for safe operation. Items that are covered in training include fall protection, the erection of scaffolding, electrical safety, jobsite cleanliness and personal protection including training on hardhats, safety glasses, long sleeve shirts and pants, hard soled shoes and steel toed boots.

For many companies, Surely Safe provides Monthly training meetings include such topics as first aid and CPR, safe driving course, heat stress, awareness and prevention, safe lifting techniques, ladder safety, material handing safety, fire safety and protection, blood borne pathogen safety and awareness and fall protection including how to wear a safety harness.

This Surely Safe pro-active safety training and inspection program ensures the highest levels of awareness and safety at all times on all job sites.


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